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Terms and Conditions

• You can not go in front of the guide.
• You have to follow the existing trails and not leave them.
• You can not leave the guide without permission and knowledge.
• Reservations will be made after pre-payment of 25% of the activity to be carried out by transfer
• In case of cancellation within 24 hours before the start of the activity in advance, the pre-
booking value is retumed.
• Pre-booking will not be returned if activity is canceled within less than 24 hours prior to the start
of activity.
• National Park Tours, Lda. has the right to cancel until 24 hours of the beginning of activity any tour
that is subject to meteorological conditions which do not allow the accomplishment of the same.
• The activities / modalities proposed by National Park Tours, Lda. are governed by the
fulfillment of safety standards, thus avoiding any risk that could jeopardize the physical integrity
of the participants. This requirement of safety implies, on the part of the participants, The
observance of certain procedures and norms, based on the individual responsibility and
commitment of respect for oneself, others and for the nature and good use of materials and
equipment, compliance with which is obligatory for those enrolled in the activities of National Park
Tours, Lda.
• Full day activities include lunch unless noted otherwise.
• National Park Tours, Lda. carries out photo and video activities. Unless otherwise stated, prior to the
performance of the activity, the participant in the activities assigns all rights and authorizes the
use of the photos and videos collected during the activities, for marketing and publicity purposes
of National Park Tours, Lda. All copyrights belong to National Park Tours, Lda.
• Each participant is free to carry water and food with them, and he/she must take actions in
order to avoid dehydration and hypoglycaemia.
• The participant should not bathe or dive into rivers or lakes without first consulting the guide.
• National Park Tours, Lda. guarantees by all possible means the confidentiality of all the data
provided by its clients.
• National Park Tours, Lda sponsored by Samuel Fernandes da Costa, is registered in Turismo
de Portugal and RNAAT under nº 532/2020

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